County Council (fylkestinget)

Buskerud County Municipality is led by a County Council.

The county municipality is responsible for upper secondary education, regional development and planning, culture and cultural monument protection, public transport and business development.

The County Council is the principal elected body. The council is directly elected every 4 years, and is composed of 43 representatives.

In the period 2015 - 2019 the representation in the County Council is as follows:

  • Arbeiderpartiet (Labour Party) - 15
  • Senterpartiet (Centre Party) - 3
  • Miljøpartiet De Grønne (Green Party) - 2
  • Venstre (Liberal Party) - 2
  • Sosialistisk Venstreparti (Socialist Left Party) - 1
  • Høyre (Conservative Party) - 14
  • Fremskrittspartiet (Progress Party) - 4
  • Kristelig Folkeparti (Christian Democratic Party) - 1

They meet at least four-six times a year to decide on matters of principle and overriding importance, including budgetary and financial planning.

An economic plan forms the basis for the activities of the County Council over the next four years.

The annual budget is binding for county council activities.

The Chairman of the County Council (or mayor) is the chief political representative of the county council.

Besides having many other political functions, the mayor presides over the County Council and the County Executive Board. 

Roger Ryberg (Labour Party) - chairman 2015 - 2019 

There are four principal Standing Committees whose members are elected by the County Council.

These committees provide the political leadership for the County Council's main activities: 

  • The Committee for Education
  • The Committee for Transport
  • The Committee for Culture and Sports
  • The Committee for Planning, Economic Development and Environment

The County Executive Board is mainly concerned with matters relating to finance and planning. In addition, it prepares matters for the County Council. The board consists of 15 members, all derived from the County Council.

Publisert 15. januar 2013, oppdatert 11. februar 2016.